Standard Program –
You do the work

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Show your community what ya got! Your organization is responsible for securing sponshorship from local businesses. We’ll provide you with all paperwork and contracts, as well as close telephone support to assist you in securing the local businesses for your card. You may choose whether your discount card will feature 12, 15 up to 22 businesses!


The Works –
We do the work!

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Sit back and relax! Our professional staff backed by over a decade of experience in fundraising business will handle securing sponsorship from businesses in your area.


Pre-Sale Program

Ideal for organizations in which young children will be doing the leg work of selling. This program option allows your little salespeople to secure orders for cards, record those orders and submit them on forms that we provide, and then deliver the cards once all orders are received.


Here’s our marketing concept:

For a 1500 card program with The Works an average group size of 50 members

1500 cards / 50 members = 30 cards per person
30 cards / 3 (average members in household) = 10 cards per person
That’s 1 card per day per family member!
$10.00 x 1500 cards = $15,000 total income – $3,000 program cost =
$12,000 PROFIT TO YOU!
This reduces your break-even point to 300 cards,
and you will enjoy up to a 90% PROFIT MARGIN!