Why we love helping with college events

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College is wonderful place to continue building memories. We enjoy helping people build those memories by helping them with their passions. We have successfully helped raise funds for various college events, fraternities, sororities, even college sports teams of course.

We also know that seeking a higher education can be a time of limited funds for the masses, that’s why The Discount Card is an ideal solution for those groups looking for a excellent way to raise the extra money needed to help boost your groups efforts, to help others, or help continue the passions that brought you to a college or university.

If you want to have a successful fundraiser for your group, sell a product that is going to give back! Letting them know that buying a Discount Card not only helps them support you, it can also helps them keep a little money in their pocket with the wonderful discounts that they are entitled to simply by flashing their card at one of their local stores, popular food chains, etc.

Having a little more money in their pocket will give them less to worry about and give them the piece of mind they need to cram all night! Contact us today and see how we can help kick start your needs!