Top Ten Fundraising Tips

Follow these tips for a successful fundraiser

  1. Whether it’s: school fundraisers, church fundraising, or any fundraising event – be sure to stir up enthusiasm and excitement by telling people about your fundaiser ideas.
  2. Involve others from the very beginning – such as parents, if applicable. Help the Parents feel important and needed.
  3. Advertise with posters, newspapers, etc. Have posters made of your Discount Card. Place a poster advertising your Discount Card in the window of each business that is on your card. Follow the leader always works. Everyone involved will only be as excited as you are.
  4. Be early. Allow 4-6 weeks to prepare for your fundraising event.
  5. Award prizes and offer incentives for the sale of the Discount Cards. Many of these can be donated.
  6. Recruit a coordinator to head up the your school fundraiser (or any fundraising event). This person can keep in touch with those who are selling and find out how they are doing. For example: find out if they need more cards or if they need to turn in the ones they already have.
  7. Create competition. Kids and adults love a challenge.
  8. Keep a paper trail. When you sign out cards get each person’s name, address, phone number, and number of cards.
  9. One card is good for only one person, not for the entire family – you sell more cards this way. Emphasize this to your group. (A 4 member family will need 4 cards).
  10. Be the first fundraiser of the year!

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