Fundraising Ideas

When searching for fundraising ideas, it’s important to find a company that is willing to go the extra mile to help you get the most out of your fundraising goals.

Fundraising with The Discount Card offers a high profit margin for your school fundraising or any organization. In addition, your school and organization can set its own selling price on any of our items, allowing you to achieve your fundraising goals.

The Discount Card is a WIN-WIN situation for your fundraising ideas,
the business sponsor, and the cardholders.

  • You benefit by the money generated by sales of the discount cards.
  • The sponsoring business benefits by free advertising and increased patronage.
  • The cardholder benefits by receiving continuous discounts at each business listed on the card.

What WE do…

  • WE require no up-front investment. (To our knowledge, no one else offers this benefit.)
  • WE supply in-depth instruction and proven marketing methods to ensure the success of your program.
  • WE provide a quick delivery – cards are usually in your hands within seven to ten working days.
  • WE allow two weeks after the delivery of your cards before payment is due.

What YOU do…

  • CHOOSE among our program options.
  • RECRUIT support and cooperation from parents and youth.
  • APPOINT a director/coordinator to ensure proper organization.
  • MONITOR sales.
  • COLLECT money.