Our History

I wanted to give you a little history about our company and how it got started. First of all our CEO is the Lord Jesus Christ because it was he that gave me this idea over 18 years ago.

I am currently a full time Evangelist, however I was serving as Youth Pastor about 18 years ago and we were in desperate need to raise funds for the ministry. As I begin to ask the Lord for ideas and gather them for myself I came up with an excellent fundraising idea…

A Discount Card.

We put our idea in motion and about 3 weeks later had raised more money than all of our previous church fundraising efforts put together. With our church fundraising ideas, we raised about $9,000.00. At the time we only had about 30 kids in our youth group, but when we involved their parents we had around 90. From 1990 until today this is still our only church fund-raiser every year.

I never intended to be in the fundraising business. Over the years though I was called on by youth pastors across the southeastern U.S. to assist them in their church fund raising efforts at their church. I shared with them my idea about the discount card and how to implement it within their city and eventually the word got out and here we are 10 years later. Today we help churches, schools, PTAs, youth sports leagues, and other non-profit organizations across the country with their fund-raising needs with THE DISCOUNT CARD. Our company used to be known as YADA (Youth Against Drugs & Alcohol) and SADA (Students against Drugs & Alcohol), but we changed to a more generic name several years ago “THE DISCOUNT CARD”.

The Discount Card has one advantage that other fundraisers don’t have. After you have produced your first card, you can continue to renew and resale your card year after year. We have several organizations that initially sold only 1500-2500 cards which are now selling 15,000+ simply because they kept increasing their saturation and popularity by renewing the card year after year.

We are a Christian / Ministry based company that has been doing this successfully since 1990.We truly want to help organizations keep the money that they are giving away to large fund-raising companies that usually take 50% of the profit with you doing 100% of the work.

We would be honored to have the opportunity to help you and your organization. If we can help or if you have questions, call us at 1-888-293-9290 or visit our contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.